Important Legal Websites

Civil Litigation (Small Claims Court)  

Small Claims Rules

    • Website providing the rules and forms that are required when prosecuting or defending an action in B.C. Small Claims Court.

Small Claims BC

    • Website intended to assist the public in prosecuting/defendant actions commenced in the Small Claims Court.

 Ministry of Justice Assistance on Small Claims

    • Ministry of Justice website that describes the Small Claims process and the forms that are required to file to prosecute/defend a claim.

Civil Litigation (Supreme Court)

Supreme Court Civil Rules

    • Website providing the rules and forms that are required when prosecuting or defending an action in B.C. Supreme Court.

Supreme Court Family Rules

    • Website providing rules and forms that are required when involved in a Supreme Court family law action.

Criminal Law Legal References

Administrative Driving Prohibition (ADP) Fact Sheet

    • Fact sheet providing a summary of the (administrative) penalties relating to impaired driving in British Columbia. These penalties existed before the impaired driving laws were famously changed in British Columbia.

Controlled Drugs and Substances Act

    • Law governing drug crimes in Canada, such as drug possession and trafficking.

Criminal Code of Canada

    • Law governing criminal offences and procedure in Canada.

Criminal Caseflow Management Rules

    • Law / procedural guidelines governing how criminal files proceed through the British Columbia Provincial Court.

Crown Counsel Policy Manual 

    • Rules / Procedures that Crown Counsel follow when prosecuting offences in British Columbia.

Immediate Roadside Prohibitions (IRPs) Fact Sheet 

    • Fact sheet providing a summary of the penalties relating to impaired driving in British Columbia.
    • These penalties are new, following the recent and famous changes to impaired driving laws in British Columbia: Decriminalizing drunk driving.

Safe Streets Act 

    • Law / legislation intended to prohibit two forms for panhandling: 1) “aggressive solicitation”; and 2) “captive audience solicitation”.

Offence Act

Youth Criminal Justice Act

    • Law governing how youths are dealt with in criminal court.

Evidence Law

British Columbia Evidence Act 

    • British Columbia legislation / law governing the introduction of evidence in trial.

Canada Evidence Act 

    • Canadian legislation / law governing the introduction of evidence in trials (which is applicable in British Columbia).

Legal Reference / Information (General)

Law Society of British Columbia

    • This is the website the Law Society, which is responsible for regulating lawyers in British Columbia.
    • It contains general legal information for the public and for lawyers, law-related news releases, and descriptions/digests of lawyer (mis)conduct and complaints.

Code of Professional Conduct for British Columbia

    • This is the Code that British Columbian lawyers must follow when practicing law and when interacting with the public.

    • This website was created by Mr. Lloyd Duhaime, a lawyer from Victoria, British Columbia.
    • is a legal reference and information site.

Trial Lawyers of British Columbia

    • Website for the Trial Lawyers of British Columbia.
    • It provides news releases relating to B.C. law.

Legal Research

British Columbia Courthouse Library

    • Website of the B.C. Courthouse Library.
    • It provides general legal research tools and news releases relating to the law.


    • Website providing free access to court judgments, tribunal decisions, statutes and regulations from all Canadian jurisdictions.
    • Very useful legal research tool, which is often used by lawyers.

Courts of British Columbia: Search Judgments

    • Website providing the public with free access to written judgments (i.e. judge-made law) from the British Columbia Court of Appeal and the British Columbia Supreme Court.

Supreme Court Rules and Forms

    • Website providing the public with free access to Supreme Court Civil, Family, and Criminal Rules and Forms.

Personal Injury Law

Occupiers Liability Act

    • Legislation / law governing the liability of property owners / occupiers in British Columbia.

One Crash is Too Many

    • Website dedicated to reducing the prevalence of motor vehicle crashes.
    • It includes statistics of car crashes and stories from those who have been (tragically) affected by car crashes.

Insurance (Vehicle) Act

    • Legislation / law governing motor vehicle insurance in British Columbia.

Insurance (Vehicle) Regulation

    • Regulation supplementing the Insurance (Vehicle) Act and providing for no-fault accident benefits in Part 7.

Pro Bono Services

 Access Pro Bono 

    • Organization (admirably) devoted to providing legal services and justice to people who have limited financial means.
    • Website also discusses upcoming events and news related to the law and pro bono services.

Salvation Army – Pro Bono Program 

    • Program intended to put lawyers together with people who are ineligible for legal aid and who cannot afford a lawyer.

Public Search Tools

Court Services Online: Search Criminal / Traffic Participants

    • Website allowing the public to search for participants/offenders in criminal and/or traffic court matters in provincial court.

Court Services Online: Search Daily Court List

    • Website allowing the public to view daily court lists for Small Claims Court, Supreme Court, and Appeal Court.

Province of British Columbia Criminal Court Lists

    • Website allowing the public to view the daily court lists for criminal courts all over British Columbia

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Council of British Columbia

    • Website allowing the public to search for realtors, make complaints about realtors.
    • Also, contains useful information / rules relating to real estate marketing.

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